Termite Signs and Activity. 


Unfortunately, Termites are a fact of life on the Gold Coast and Brisbane and are estimated to cause damage to 1 in every 5 homes.

The signs of termite activity can be a build up of mud around architraves in doors and windows; paint blistering on architraves or skirting boards; moisture stains or dampness on walls; mud trails on the sides of piers and edges of concrete slabs and mud structures in ceiling cavaties. These are just some of the signs of termite activity and it is essential that regular inspections by our expert technicians are carried out so that corrective and preventative measures can be put in place.




All our termite treatments and chemicals used are in accordance with the Australian Standards AS3660.2.Regular termite inspections can also assess the environment of your property so that preventative measures can be taken by you.



Never disturb termite activity and contact Personal Pest Control if you are unsure or if termites are detected.



Ant Signs and Activity


The Gold Coast and Brisbane Suburbs are home to an assortment of Ants. Due to our great climate and ideal breeding grounds, ants are a serious pest. Most Australians are familiar with ants be they: Bull Ants, Jumper Ants, Green Tree Ants, Fire Ants, Meat Ants & Sugar Ants with many more species in existance. Ants are found in all Australian States and Territories. 


Ants are social insects and form colonies. These vary in size (depending on species) from a dozen or so individuals to many thousands. In a colony, there are three castes or social levels: the wingless and usually sterile female workers, fertile females or queens males.

The workers, all sterile females, are most commonly seen, as they forage for food. They are usually similar in appearance to the queen but smaller. Males are often wasp like in appearance.

Ants vary in length from about 1 to 30 mm and are typically black, brown, red, yellow or a combination of these colours.

Habits, behaviour and nests vary widely between species. Many are scavengers and have varied diets, while others are specialist seed-eaters or predators. 


If you find an Ant colony please contact Personal Pest Control for advice on how to proceed. 




Personal Pest Control carry out thorough and extensive investigations to determine the presence of termites & ants so we can evaluate the treatments or preventative measures needed. We then prepare a comprehensive and detailed report on our findings to you before decisions are made as to what treatment is best for your property.  


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